Our practice in tort litigation involves primarily defense of claims brought against individuals, corporations and other business entities, and the insureds of insurance carriers.   We have particular expertise and experience in the following types of claims.

Subrogation and Property Damage Defense
We have extensive experience handling property damage cases, generally those involving some type of damage sustained to a residential or commercial real property.  We usually are called on to defend contractors in various trades in cases involving primarily water or fire losses, or other events connected with work claimed to be faulty, or due to faulty design or  improper installation.  The work in these areas allows us to work closely with engineering and other experts, from which we have developed a list of nationwide experts to use in many disciplines.   These types of cases often involve multiple parties and document intensive.   Handling them involves an intimate knowledge of tort law, insurance law, and the rules involving contribution and indemnification.  These types of cases are extremely fact intensive and very often are not resolved until just before, during, or after trial.

Construction Defense

Defense of contractors and subcontractors in construction disputes involving personal injury, property damage and construction defects.

General Liability Defense
We aggressively and ethically defend all aspects of general. premises and automobile liability.  We aggressively defend  liability claims brought against owners, operators and managers of companies and commercial properties.

Product Liability Defense
We defend manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products available to the public against claims that they should be held responsible for the injuries those products cause.

Environmental and Toxic Tort Claims Defense

We have extensive experience in defending environmental clean-up cases under the New York Oil Spill Action and asbestos cases.

Examples of our success in defending these types of cases include:

  • Defense verdict in a jury trial on behalf of an electrician involving claims by seven subrogated insurers that the electrician’s work negligently caused a fire involving multi-million dollar damages.
  • Defense verdict after jury trial involving claim for serious burn injuries for allegedly exploding gas range.
  • Directed defense verdict in a jury trial involving distribution of allegedly defective commercial washing machine that caused personal injuries.
  • Summary judgment in subrogated property damage claim based on establishing contractor’s work was not a factor in causing the subject fire.
  • Summary judgment on warnings and warranty claims in a products suit against a printing press distributor involving a hand crush injury.
  • Dismissal of federal “Graves Amendment” law claims made nationwide truck leasing company.
  • Dismissal of injury claims against in connection with high-rise glass enclosure installation.
  • Dismissal of injury claims in connection with retail store renovation.
  • Dismissal of claims under the “serious injury” threshold of the New York No-Fault Law.